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Are You Ready For Your Online Course?

You can succeed with Misericordia University online learning, but it takes work. It may even be a little more work than taking a face to face class. It pays to be prepared. Here are some things to think about before you start your class: man studying

Are you motivated to succeed? Persistence pays off! You need to be prepared to work through technical issues, seek out help when you have questions, and generally keep pushing until you attain your goals. It can be difficult to balance your study load with the rest of life's demands. Without the regular contact of your professor and other students you must find within yourself the motivation to keep working when faced with obstacles. Keep in mind the reasons you are taking online classes; to get a better job, expand your horizons, finish that degree, or obtain that important professional credential.

Do you have the right equipment? Check our Requirements page. Some online classes use Wimba to hold web conferences. Having a broadband internet connection and a headset with microphone really helps. You'll need Microsoft Office to write your papers. If you have a PC you must have current virus and malware protection, and keep up-to-date with Windows updates. The MU IT department offers Malwarebytes free to all students.

Cowboy clockWhen will you study? Time management is crucial! Be ready to spend 14 hours/credit (that's 42 hours for a 3-credit class) plus extra time for homework, papers, reviewing notes, etc. It helps to schedule regular times to study. Out brains like habits, use that to your advantage! The flexibility of online learning is great, but procrastination can be a problem, especially in shorter courses like in the Expressway program.

Where will you study? Experts recommend setting up a quiet spot with good lighting and enough privacy to let you concentrate on the work at hand.woman studying

Are you comfortable writing instead of talking? Most courses rely heavily on students sharing their ideas on discussion forums, in chat, and through papers. The Misericordia Writing Center can help you polish your prose. Email your paper to and trained tutors will read your work and give you valuable feedback. Please allow 24 hours for turn-around time.

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