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Welcome to the Faculty Online Learning Resources at Misericordia University. Here you will find information on the Blackboard CE8 Course Management System and much more. Please use this site as a first reference before requesting support.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please call Rich Hancuff at 674-8177 for faculty support. When your students require technical assistance please direct them to the Student Helpdesk at 674-8087.

Please see the current Blackboard training schedule on e-MU

Blackboard Course Descriptions

Intro to BB9: 2 sessions (part 1 and part 2) of 2 hrs each. Covers the basics of how to access the system and navigate the course menus, as well as how to create and place some of the most common tools in Blackboard 9.1. [This session should not be offered often until the end of the fall 2011 semester] 2  x 2 hours.

BB9 for CE8 Users: This session assumes familiarity with the Blackboard CE8 system and begins with a comparison of the two systems. The focus will be on significant changes to familiar tools and adapting to the look and feel of the new system. Some new customization and functionality will be discussed. 2 hours

BB9 for My Courses Users [Presentation/Workshop]: If you only used the course homepage in EMU’s “My Courses,” this session may be for you. This session is designed for the user seeking only the same functionality s/he had in EMU’s “My Courses” homepage. Presentation with question and answer. 1 hour.

Wimba Training

All Wimba trainings are conducted online, to register call 674-8177.