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Designer and Instructor Reference Guide (PDF format)

    Get the manual for Blackboard here!

Blackboard Training Videos

    Probably the easiest way to learn the basics of Blackboard, or get a refresher on a particular tool in the application. Just click a title and sit back and watch. There are 20 video clips to choose from.

Blackboard Training Documents (PDF format)

    These documents will explain individual components of Blackboard CE6.

Import Scantron Result Sheets into Blackboard  NEW!

Forward Email From Blackboard to eMU

Copy Content Between Course Sections

Course Crosslisting Information

    Teaching more than one section of a course? Don't create two separate courses in Blackboard.


Batch Download Assignment Files

    Tired of downloading one assisnment at a time to do grading? Well, here is how you can get all assignments from your class onto your computer.

Create a WebDAV Connection to Your Blackboard course

    Create a direct connection from your computer to the File Manager of your Blackboard course. There are several steps to this process, but it may be worth the trouble if you need to upload a great deal of content into your course.

Save a Chat Transcript



Self Paced Online Training Course

    Learn about Blackboard in Blackboard. You will get a Blackboard training account, and with the account a Getting Started course to learn about Blackboard and a Blank Course to test out the new features in Blackboard CE 6. Click the link above to request Self Paced Training.