Q // Thomas Parallels in the Thomas version

Qlk 10:21 // 4a The person old in days won't hesitate to ask a

little child seven days old about the place of life, and that

person will live.

QLk 12:2 // 6b. For nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed

and nothing is covered that shall that shall remain without being

revealed. [Also in Mark].

QLk 10:8-9 // 14b. When you go into any region and walk about in

the countryside, when people take you in, eat what they serve you and heal the sick

among them.

2QLk 12:51-53 // 16 Perhaps people think that I have come to cast

peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast

conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war. For there will be

five in a house: there'll be three against two and two against

three, father against son and son against father, and they will

stand alone.

2QLK 12:39 // 21b If the owner of the house knows that the thief

is coming, he will watch before he comes and will not let him break

into his house of his Kingdom and carry away his goods.

Qlk 6:41-42 // 26 You see the sliver in your friend's eye, but

you don't see the timber in your own eye. When you take the timber out

of your own eye, then you will see well enough to remove the sliver

from your friend's eye.

QLk 12:3 // 33a What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear

proclaim from your rooftops.

2QLk 11:33 // 33b No one kindles a lamp and puts it under a

basket, nor does he put it in a hidden place, but he sets it on a

lampstand so everyone who comes in and goes out will see its light.

[Also in Mark]

QLk 6:39 // 34 If a blind person leads a bind person, both of

them will fall into a hole.

QLk 12:22 // 36 Do not fret, from morning to evening and from

evening to morning, [about your food--what you're going to eat, or

about your clothing--] what you are going to wear. [You're much

better than the lilies, which neither card nor spin. As for you,

when you have no garment, what will you put on? Who might add to

your stature? That very one will give you your garment.]

(inclusions from Oxy. Pap. in Gk, lacking in Coptic)

2QLk 11:52 // 39a The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the

keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor

have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

2QLk 19:26 // 41 He who has in his hand, it shall be given to him;

and he who does not have, even the little he has shall be taken

away from him. [Also in Mark]

QLk 6:44-45 // 45 Grapes are not harvested from thorn trees, nor

are figs gathered from thistles, for they yield no fruit. Good

persons produce good from what they've stored up; bad persons

produce evil from the wickedness they've stored up in their hearts,

and say evil things. For from the overflow of the heart they produce evil.

2QLk 7:28 // 46a From Adam to John the Baptist, among those born

of women, no one is so much greater than John the Baptist that his

eyes should not be averted.

Qlk 16:13 // 47b A slave cannot serve two masters, otherwise

that slave will honor the one and offend the other.

QLk 6:20 // 54 Congratulations to the poor, for to you belongs

Heaven's kingdom.

QLk 14:26-27 // 55a Whoever does not hate father and mother

cannot be my disciple, and whoever does not hate brothers and

sisters, and carry the cross as I do, will not be worthy of me.

2QLk 14:15-24 // 64a A person was receiving guests. When he had

prepared the dinner, he sent his slave to invite the guests.

The slave went to the first and said to that one, "My master invites you." That one

said, "Some merchants owe me money; they are coming to me tonight.

I have to go and give them instructions. Please excuse me from


The slave went to another and said to that one, "My

master has invited you." That one said to the slave, "I have

bought a house, and I have been called away for a day. I shall

have no time."

The slave went to another and said to that one, "My

master invites you." That one said to the slave, "My friend is to

be married, and I am to arrange the banquet. I shall not be able

to come. Please excuse me from dinner."

The slave went to another

and said to that one, "My master invites you." That one said to

the slave, "I have bought an estate, and I am going to collect the

rent. I shall not be able to come. Please excuse me."

The slave

returned and said to his master, "Those whom you invited to dinner

have asked to be excused." The master said to his slave, "Go out

on the streets and bring back whomever you find to have dinner."

QLk 6:22 // 68a Congratulations to you when you are hated and


QLk 6:6:21 // 69b Congratulations to those who go hungry, so the

stomach of the one in want may be filled.

QLk 10:2 // 73 The crop is huge but the workers are few, so beg

the harvest boss to dispatch workers to the fields.

QLk 12:33 // 76b Seek his treasure that is unfailing, that is

enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys.

2QLk 7:24-25 // 78 Why have you come out to the countryside? To

see a reed shaken by the wind? And to see a person dressed in soft

clothes, [like your] rulers and your powerful ones? They are

dressed in soft clothes, and they cannot understand truth.

QLk 9:58 // 86 Foxes have their dens and birds have their

nests, but human beings have no place to lay down and rest.

2QLk 11:39-40 // 89 Why do you wash the outside of the cup?

Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who

made the outside?

2QLk 12:56 // 91 They said to him, "Tell us who you are so that

we may believe in you."

He said to them, "You examine the face of heaven and earth,

but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and

you do not know how to examine the present moment."

QLk 11:9-10 // 94 One who seeks will find, and for [one who

knocks] it will be opened.

QLk 6:34-35 // 95 If you have money, don't lend it at interest.

Rather, give [it] to someone from whom you won't get it back.

QLk 13:20-21 // 96 The Father's kingdom is like a woman. She took

a little leaven, [hid] it in dough, and made it into large loaves

of bread. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!

QLk 15:4-6 // 107 The Kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred

sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray. He left the

ninety-nine and looked for the one until he found it. After he had

toiled, he said to the sheep, 'I love you more than the


[2QLk means that the saying is classified as Q2 by John Kloppenborg

in his book THE FORMATION OF Q, all others are Q1.]