Mark 2:18-20 // 104) They said [to Jesus], "Come, let us pray today

and let us fast." Jesus said, "What is the sin that I have

committed, or wherein have I been defeated? But when the bridegroom

leaves the bridal chamber, then let them fast and pray."

Mark 2:21-22 // 47c) No man drinks old wine and immediately

desires to drink new wine. And new wine is not put into old

wineskins, lest they burst; nor is old wine put into a new

wineskin, lest it spoil it. An old patch is not sewn onto a new

garment, because a tear would result.

Mark 3:27 // 35) It is not possible for anyone to

enter the house of a strong man and take it by force unless he

binds his hands; then he will (be able to) ransack his house.

Mark 3:28-29 // 44) Whoever blasphemes against the

Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the Son

will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit

will not be forgiven either on earth or in heaven.

Mark 3:31-34 // 99) The disciples said to Him, "Your brothers and

Your mother are standing outside."

He said to them, "Those here who do the will of My Father

are My brothers and My mother. It is they who will enter the

Kingdom of My Father."

Mark 4:3-9 // 9) The sower went out, took a

handful (of seeds), and scattered them. Some fell on the road; the

birds came and gathered them up. Others fell on the rock, did not

take root in the soil, and did not produce ears. And others fell on

thorns; (they choked the seed(s) and worms ate them. And others

fell on the good soil and produced good fruit: it bore sixty per

measure and a hundred and twenty per measure.

Mark 4:9 // 21e and elsewhere) Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

Mark 4:11 // 62a) It is to those [who are worthy of my] mysteries

that I tell my mysteries.

Mark 4:21 // 33b) For no one lights a lamp and puts

it under a bushel, nor does he put it in a hidden place, but rather

he sets it on a lampstand so that everyone who enters and leaves

will see its light.

Mark 4:22 // 6b) For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and

nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.

Mark 4: 26-29 // 21d) When the grain ripened, he came quickly with

his sickle in his hand and reaped it.

Mark 4:30-32 // 20) The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us what the

Kingdom of Heaven is like."

He said to them, "It is like a mustard seed, the smallest of

all seeds. But when it falls on tilled soil, it produces a great

plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky."

Mark 6:4 // 31) No prophet is accepted in his own village; no

physician heals those who know him.

Mark 7:15-20 // 14c) What goes into your mouth will not defile

you, but that which issues from your mouth - it is that which will

defile you.

Mark 8:27-30 // 13) Jesus said to His disciples, "Compare me to

someone and tell me whom I am like."

Simon Peter said to Him, "You are like a righteous angel."

Matthew said to Him, "You are like a wise philosopher."

Thomas said to Him, "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of

saying whom You are like."

Jesus said, "I am not your master. Because you have drunk,

you have become intoxicated by the bubbling spring which I have

measured out."

And He took him and withdrew and told him three things. When

Thomas returned to his companions, they asked him, "What did

Jesus say to you?"

Thomas said to them, "If I tell you one of the things which

he told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire

will come out of the stones and burn you up."

Mark 8:34 // 55) Whoever does not hate his father and

his mother cannot become a disciple to Me. And whoever does not

hate his brothers and sisters and take up his cross in my way will

not be worthy of me.

Mark 10:14-15 // 22a) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to

His disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who

enter the Kingdom."

Mark 10:31 // 4b) For many who are first will become last, [and

they will become one and the same.]

Mark 11:22-23 // 48) If two make peace with each

other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move

Away,' and it will move away.

Mark 12:1-8 // 65) There was a good man who owned a

vineyard. He leased it to tenant farmers so that they might work it

and he might collect the produce from them. He sent his servant so

that the tenants might give him the produce of the vineyard. They

seized his servant and beat him, all but killing him. The servant

went back and told his master. The master said, 'Perhaps they

did not recognize him.' He sent another servant. The tenants

beat this one as well. Then the owner sent his son and said,

'Perhaps they will show respect to my son.' Because the tenants

knew that it was he who was the heir to the vineyard, they seized

him and killed him. Let him who has ears hear.

Mark 12:10-11 // 66) Show me the stone which the builders have

rejected. That one is the cornerstone.

Mark 12:13-17 // 100) They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to

Him, "Caesar's men demand taxes from us."

He said to them, "Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give

God what belongs to God, and give Me what is Mine."

Mark 12:31 // 25) Love your brother like your soul,

guard him like the pupil of your eye.

Mark 13:17 // 79) A woman from the crowd said to Him, "Blessed are

the womb which bore you and the breasts which nourished you."

He said to her, "Blessed are those who have heard the word

of the Father and have truly kept it. For there will be days when

you will say, 'Blessed are the womb which has not conceived and

the breasts which have not given milk.'"

Mark 13:21 // 113) His disciples said to him, "When will the

kingdom of the Father come?"

He said to them, "It will not come by watching for it. It

will not be said, Look here,' or 'Look there' Rather, the kingdom of the Father is

spread out upon the earth and people don't see it."

Mark 13:31 // 111a) The heavens and the earth will be

rolled up in your presence. And one who lives from the Living One

will not see death.

Mark 14:58 // 71) I shall destroy [this] house, and

no one will be able to rebuild it.