Known in its own time as "Xukpi."

Most photos throughout this site are links to enlargements.

The Court of the Stelae

The Ballcourt

The Court of the Hieroglyphic Staircase

The Eastern Court

The Western Court

The Southern Area

Here are links to the best books on the subject of Copan, the Maya, and Maya Ceramics.

What a small Copan structure looks like in its unexcavated state.

Five stelae are presented in considerable closeup detail
including detailed photographs of their hieroglyphic texts.
They are available below, or through the appropriate regions above.

Stela P of the 11th ruler Butz Chan erected 623 A.D.

Stela 1 of the 12th ruler Smoke Imix Kawil erected 668 A.D.

Stela A of the 13th ruler Uaxaclahun Ubah Kawil erected 731 A.D.

Stela D of the 13th ruler Uaxaclahun Ubah Kawil erected 738 A.D.

Stela N of the 15th ruler Smoke Shell erected 761 A.D.

Significant Copan sites on the World Wide Web.

Most photographs are by Stevan Davies and are stills taken from video. Many
are by Lowell Gustafson Professor of Political Science at Villanova, and are marked "LG."
The photographs were taken during a National Endowment for the Humanities
Summer Institute that took place during the summer of 1997. Our expert guide
through Copan was Michael Coe, Professor Emeritus of Yale University. For much
more information about that Institute go to the program page.
For many photographs from the Mayan region that were taken during the course of
the Institute go to Lowell Gustafson's Homepage


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